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Welcome to Manitoba Angler, your source for all things fishing in southern Manitoba! I’m here to inform and entertain those looking to add tactics to their tackle box. I’m no fishing pro, but I clock serious hours on the water, and I’m dedicated to serving up quality content
 to all you fish-aholics.

Use my tips and recommendations as a starting point for upping your angling game. Nothing beats the feeling of landing a new species or catching your personal best. Get out and fish!

About Riley Hastings

Walleye caught on lake Winnipeg.

I got into fishing the way most Manitobans do—sitting on the Red River shoreline, using basic techniques to land whatever would bite. Over time, I developed my skills and started to specialize in species that require a little more finesse. Our province offers so many varied angling opportunities, and I love exploring them all.

If there’s one thing that rivals my love of fishing, it’s writing. Writing about fishing gives a platform to talk angling to anyone who will listen. I love hearing from my fellow fishers, so contact me any time with questions, comments or GPS coordinates to your secret fishing spots.

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