Charity spotlight: Enabled Outdoors

I’ve recently learned about this great non-profit. Enabled Outdoors gets kids with disabilities or illnesses out fishing, hunting and enjoying Manitoba’s wilderness. It warms my heart to see how committed these folks are to creating unforgettable experiences for families.

Here’s some info on the work they do. Perhaps you know someone who could benefit from a day out in nature!

Enabled outdoors is a non-profit organization dedicated to enabling underprivileged children, children with mental or physical disabilities and/or life threatening disease to reap the benefits of a healthy outdoor lifestyle and provide them and their families the opportunity to experience outdoors activities in a supportive environment tailored to allowing children and families to share outdoor adventure.

Enabled Outdoors, founded by Jason and Marnie Dyck in 2019, provides kids with mental or physical disabilities or life-threatening diseases as well as kids who are less fortunate the opportunity to go out fishing, hunting, camping, ATV’ing and any other outdoor activities.

Enabled Outdoors takes several kids at a time with their parents or guardians out fishing for a day which would include lunch, prizes and games in a fun atmosphere with experienced guides and at absolutely no cost to the families!

Upcoming Programs

Family Fishing Day

Spend the day fishing in spectacular Lac du Bonnet with family and our amazing volunteers! Incredible fishing, fun, games, prizes and shore lunch are all part of the experience!

Family Wheelin’ Day

A full day of ATV’ing adventure! Experience off-roading and trail riding in a safe and welcoming environment. Enjoy a fantastic ride, lunch, games and prizes at this one of a kind event!

Family Camping Day

Camping is synonymous with outdoor adventure. Experience a fun night under the stars, camp cookouts, games, prizes and most importantly friendships that last forever!

If you know someone who could benefit from Enabled Outdoors, email If you want to spread the word, share this post!

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