Musky gear watch: Crunch Time Tackle

Land them muskies with help from the new tackle company in town

Picture this: you’ve gassed up your boat, invested in pricey lures and travelled to Ontario with a mission—land a trophy musky. After a full day on the water and thousands of casts, you finally hook up. It’s the big one. You’re about to net the fish when suddenly, SNAP! Your leader let you down, the fish is gone and your trip is ruined.

You can curse your bad luck, or you look to a new tackle company to set you up with tackle you can trust—without breaking the bank.

Introducing Crunch Time Tackle, the brainchild of Winnipeg musky fiend Jordan Manton.

Jordan Manton fishes hundreds of days a year, and he wants to help you land that trophy without emptying your wallet.

Manton started the company when he took issue with the prices of top-quality musky leaders .

“Fifteen bucks for a single leader isn’t uncommon,” says Manton. “Musky fishing is expensive enough, people shouldn’t have to drop that kind of money on a quality leader.”

In comparison, a three-pack of Crunch Time 130lb Flouro Casting leaders will run you $25. They’re double-crimped and essentially break-proof with 230lb Ball Bearing Swivels.

Can these leaders handle the infamous fighting power of the muskelunge? These photos should be all the proof you need:

Crunch Time started with muskies in mind, and has since broadened its offerings to include catfish rigs. Heavy. Duty. Cat rigs. Any Manitoban catfish angler can tell you a story of losing a trophy fish because of a cheap-ass rig. It sucks, especially for the fish that now has a big circle hook stuck in its mouth.

Quality components and BB swivels set these strong rigs apart from their competitors.

“I’ve yet to see another retail catfish rig with BB swivels,” says Manton. “Our hooks are saltwater grade SS offset, wide gap circle hooks. These are killer for both large catfish, and sturgeon.”

Look at that pig of a channel cat! Would you trust your gas station Jiggy Joes to handle a fatty like that? I wouldn’t risk it./ANGLER: Luke Smyrk

It’s trolling season, and Crunch Time has affordable, top-quality gear to match your needs. Manton’s products are always made to withstand a serious battle, so gear up for success when you hit the autumn hotspots.

Look for Crunch Time Tackle products in Winnipeg retailers in 2020. In the meantime, head to

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