Catching the common carp

They’re invasive, destructive and kind of gross, but common carp offer the pound-for-pound best fight of all Manitoba fish species. You can take a trip to the Red River or any lagoon on Lake Winnipeg to find these suckers (no pun intended). They’re everywhere, but catching them—not by fluke— requires some finesse.

I’ve really gotten into carp fishing in the last few years. It started when my buddy Pandelis Kolkas (Instagram: @somdreamscometrue) taught me how to target carp Eurostyle. All you need is some corn, a knotless knot hair rig and some patience.

Releasing a mid-size carp at Lockport.

The hair rig allows you to thread corn niblets on a loop past the hook. To start carpin’, chum the shallow water with a bunch of corn. Carp forage for food by constantly sucking in matter and spitting it out. With this method, as the carp spits, the hook grabs its inner lip, and you’re in for a fight. I usually completely open my drag, and wait til the fish is peeling line. From there, I tighten the drag and the hook sets itself.

My personal-best carp. These big girl measured 35″ in length, and was easily 30 pounds.

Just look at that monster! This was a 15-minute fight, due in part to the fact I was using 10lb mono on a medium action rod. I was fishing in my inflatable when I hooked this thing, and it towed me all around the lagoon. I actually had to jump out to bring it to shore, no way I could have boated it in my dingy.

Carp season is now months away, but in the meantime, enjoy my video and photos, I hope they inspire you to get out and catch your own!

Got some killer carp pics? Leave a comment below, and I’ll feature them in this article!

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