Patricia Beach Manitoba: a photo essay

My camera always joins me on my fishin’ expeditions. Manitoba’s vast wilderness is fascinating and offers many photo ops. Enjoy some photos from my all-time favourite fishing spot, Patricia Beach. This provincial park, just north of Brokenhead First Nation, is one of Lake Winnipeg’s most virgin beaches and an amazing place to see migratory birds, beavers and of course, fish.

The sun rises over the Patricia Beach parking lot. Today, there’s no fishing to be had. It’s late April, and the ice is beginning to retreat. The shores are open; the ice is a shrinking island.

The shoreline is piled with driftwood, a few brave seagulls brave the frigid water. I dip my toes to test it. Yep, it will be a while before I get the boat out here. In the meantime, I’ll search for animals to shoot—with my camera.

Score! These big beavers aren’t camera-shy at all. They frolic together, splashing and chasing each other while they dive under the ice and pop up to say hello.

Flash Forward to Summer!

I spend a whole day chasing eagles around. There are about five or six baldies that nest here in the spring and summer months. This is the big one. I originally spot it on shore while I’m trolling for white bass. I think it’s a large otter at first, that’s how big this bird is. When it shows off its eight-foot wingspan, I know it was time to grab the camera and track it down. What a beautiful creature.

Red-winged black birds frequent Patricia beach. This one took a moment to pose for me. No shortage of nesting material for migratory birds here.

The spring months leave life-cycle relics on the shore of Patricia beach. There are countless carp and catfish carcasses, zebra mussels, and in this time, a former Master Angler walleye. Based on the size of this head, this guy could have been 28+ inches long.

Approach. Landing. Take-off.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos, and this break from our regularly-scheduled fishing content.
Patricia Beach is my happy place. Each season offers a different angling experience: Early may is all about pre-spawn carp—Learn how to catch ’em in this article—June through September is a mixed-bag of bass, drum, pike and walleye, and the winter months are the time to get into some serious Lake Winnipeg greenbacks.

Stay tuned each week for more fishing articles, what’s your favourite spot in MB?

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