Best Ice Fishing Lures for Walleye in Manitoba

Heading out to Lake Winnipeg, The Whiteshell or another great walleye spot in Manitoba? You’re probably wondering what tackle will land you the most fish. There are so many opinions out there, and of course, I have my own.

Here’s my list of the best walleye lures for ice fishing in Manitoba. Definitely not reinventing the wheel here, just letting you know what I use to land those Walters.

Jackal TN lipless crank bait

best walleye lure for ice fishing - Jackall Crank bait

Jackall lures come at a premium price, but they deliver premium results. This lure comes in a variety of patterns. For Lake Winnipeg, find the one that most resembles the bait fish of the lake (emerald shiners, rainbow smelt).

Pelican Hot Pink Flutter Spoon

best lures for walleye - pelican flutter spoon.

New from Pelican Lures is the hot pink flutter spoon. If you fish Lake Winnipeg, you know that pink is often a winning colour. I don’t have the science to explain why, but it’s pretty well-known. Whip it up and let it fall. Tip it with a minnow if you so desire. Spoons are pretty versitile, so try it as your dead stick, jig it like crazy or tap it on the spot.

ReelBait® Long Shank Flasher Jig

Best ice fishing lure for walleye. flasher jig

I love flasher jigs. It might just be me, but I catch more walleye, perch and pike on flasher jigs than nearly anything else. Reelbait makes some great ones, available at Cabelas. The blade on the jig gives some flash and rattle to the lure, and it’s especially effective in murky waters like the Red River and Lake Winnipeg. Don’t leave home without em. My favourite colours are red, pink and green.

Greenback Slammers

Here’s a shout-out to a local company. Greenback Slammers—besides having the sickest brand name ever—are proven on the waters of Lake Winnipeg. The hooks are thick and invincible, and they can handle very aggressive bites. On occasion, they’re a little heavy for days where the fish are only giving you very light and finicky bites. If the walleye are barely biting, size down. I caught my personal-best greenback on one of these bad boys, and I’ve been recommending them ever since!

What’s your go-to?

I consider all these options among the best ice fishing lures for walleye. The list could go on and on, but I’d warn you against bringing to many weapons to the hunt. You’ll start overthinking it, change your lures constantly, and possibly waste valuable feeding time.

So what’s missing from the list? Do you have a favourite ice fishing lure for walleye? Weigh in in the comment section, and go slam some greenbacks!

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